Hitting bottom" and "intervention" are both events that interfere or interrupt an individual and families
unsatisfying/dysfunctional patterns of living due to mental illness and/or substance abuse. We often worry and wait
for our loved ones (and ourselves) to hit bottom, but what will that involve? -jail, hospitalization, sexual assault, or
death?  The difference is; hitting bottom is most often dangerous, unexpected and chaotic, while professional
interventions can give you and your loved one the opportunity to make healthier,
proactive decisions.
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  • Interventions can most often be accomplished privately & gently. I
    help you get your loved one willing to get help without threats of
    homelessness or abandonment.
  • There are many types of Interventions (not what you see on TV.
  • Individualized solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • High risk evaluations and consultations.
  • Assistance for the entire family throughout the recovery process
  • Caring & respectful transport services when appropriate.

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