Substance abuse and process addictions are complex problems that plague individuals, families, and society. They
most often occur in individuals that have experienced trauma and/or have co-occurring disorders such as anxiety,
depression, ADHD, etc. My experience with impaired professionals, students, adults, prisoners, those with learning
disorders and their family members, has taught me that what works for one person may not work for another.
Allow me to help you understand your specific options and find the right fit for your unique needs!
Abuse or Dependence?

Caring or Controlling?

Habit or Addiction?

Helping or Enabling?

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  • High risk consultations &
  • Co-occuring disorders-
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  • Alternative sentencing advocacy
  • Therapeutic and medical
  • Individual & family assistance
  • Confidential assistance
  • Options, education & referrals
  • Process addictions too!
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